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with sealants in Syracuse, UT

It can be hard for your children to clean the tiny grooves of their teeth. Even with regular brushing and flossing, some areas are hard to reach, and food particles and bacteria build up causing tooth decay. Sealants help protect the surface of the teeth where chewing occurs. The teeth most at risk of decay, and therefore, most in need of sealants, are the six-year and twelve-year molars. That said, the permanent premolars will usually benefit from sealant coverage as well.

Our application of sealant is fast, pain-free, and inexpensive. First we will thoroughly clean the tooth. After conditioning and drying the tooth, the sealant will be brushed over the surface of the tooth, covering all of the small grooves in the tooth. The sealant will then be hardened with a curing light. This process is extremely valuable for protecting your children’s teeth in the years where cavities are common. If your child takes good care of their teeth and doesn’t chew hard objects, these sealants will last a very long time.

We’ll evaluate the sealants each time your child comes in for their routine dental visits and make improvements where necessary. Sealants, along with good dental hygiene habits, will help your children maintain a healthy smile.

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