Teeth Whitening

Give yourself a reason to smile

with teeth whitening in Syracuse, UT

Don’t let discolored teeth keep you from showing off your smile. Our teeth whitening service will brighten your smile, giving you just one more reason to smile. There are a few different methods to whitening your teeth, but here at Dr. Hansen’s Family Dentistry we recommend using the custom at-home trays.

We will first make a mold of your teeth. We then use this mold to create custom whitening trays. Custom trays are more effective then generic trays or strips because the entire surface of each tooth is able to be whitened evenly. All you have to do is add a carbamide peroxide agent (available in our office) to the tray and slide the trays (one upper, one lower) into your mouth. You’ll see the best results when using the trays for 7-10 consecutive days for about an hour at a time. During your appointment we will instruct you more on the proper teeth whitening procedures and risks.

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